Thursday, 25 September 2014


Consider the Following and Judge for Yourself

· You are the boss(decision maker)!
· You  need no any customers!
· You don not need employees!
· You can operate from anywhere in the world home, work, vacation as long
  as you have a high-speed Internet connection.
· You never have to worry about job security, harassment or any other
  employment-related anxiety.
· You never need to worry about employer payroll, strikes, theft, rent increases,
  health inspectors, lease problems, being sued, etc…
· You don not need to do any cold calling.
· You decide which days you wish to work.
· You make the decision to take a vacation at a moment's notice.
· You are your own boss!

Here are the SECRET ingredients needed for forex business:

1. You (man, woman).
2. Computer (laptop,phone, desktop or tablet).
3. Internet connection (cyber cafe, modem, server).
4. Desk (or sofa).
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