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A Step-By-Step Guide to Trading Profit - for beginners

                                      A Step-By-Step Guide to Trading Profit - for beginners

The main steps are as follows:

1.) Get background information on what forex trading entails.

2.) Learn how to manage risk and size positions correctly.

3.) Find a strategy you are comfortable with.

4.) Test your strategy.

5.) Interpret the numbers.

6.) Find a broker.

7.) Rake in the cash!


First of all, with forex beginner systems, it is important to know just what you are getting into. Forex trading is just like any other business. You wouldn't go off and try to build houses without reading a book or getting some lessons now would you? Constructing systems is much the same. Without any knowledge of the market you are essentially building a "house of cards". You don't need a PhD in macro-economics, but a solid knowledge base will only aid in your trading decisions and help ease your mind throughout the entire process.

Risk Management:

The next thing to learn is how to manage risk and size positions. These factors should be the cornerstones of any system. In essence: you need to know how much to risk losing on each trade. People often make the mistake of ignoring this factor; that's why over 90% of traders fail. Think of it in terms of being a gambler or being a casino; we know who always wins right? Do your due diligence on risk management and position sizing and you will be well on the way to becoming one of the 10% of successful traders.


Once you understand the numbers a little better you can look at specific strategies to trade. Forex beginner systems should be quite simple. As with many other things; simple can also be very effective. I have found that trend trading and swing trading in particular can be very simple and also very effective. The main thing though, is that you feel comfortable trading a strategy. Psychology plays a large part in forex trading too, so having a simple yet effective strategy is often the best. It's a case of K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid!).


The next aspect of creating forex beginner systems is testing. Testing your system is all important in knowing if you will turn a profit or not. Don't "go off half cocked"; you may wind up with a "blown up" trading account. It's a step closer to being a "casino" and another step away from being a "gambler". To add further perspective; just imagine if Boeing didn't test their planes before they used them..... Would you be getting on one? I didn't think so! It's much the same with trading; test your hypotheses and make sure they work.


Analyzing the results of these tests is the next thing to do. Anyone can see if a system will be relatively profitable from the results of testing. The hard part comes with understanding how to interpret the results and how they will effect your trading in real time. Analyzing the results and making necessary changes to your forex beginner systems will also likely make you substantially more profitable. There is no end to what can be done with statistics. Again let's look at our jet-plane analogy. From flying the plane we know it doesn't crash. But how much fuel per mile did it use? How much will we need to fly from our place to a nice island in the Maldives? How can we get their faster or without using as much fuel. You get it? Knowing how to get there is one thing; but getting there the cheapest and fastest way possible is harder.


Now it's time to find a broker to trade your forex beginner systems with. Brokers offer free trial accounts with play money to check out their wares. By all means take advantage of these offers. Also, you should be aware of some of the different types of brokers and the features they offer. This is important as well. Think of it as choosing to fly "Econo-miser" or "Champagne" airways.


Now you should be all geared up with some shiny new forex beginner systems if you have investigated all these things thoroughly. If you're still not sure, there is loads more information on my site and others. There are loads of people researching new ways to make money in the currency markets, so please, check the web regularly and see what else they have found. Some offer their information free (like me) and others charge for their info. Do not be too tight with the purse strings though; as one profitable trade can often see an item paid for many times over. Now off you go and rake in some of that cash!

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